Bioreinforcement of the face with hyaluronic acid: technique, indications, contraindications, price

A rare woman who takes care of herself has not heard the combination “hyaluronic acid”. This substance is the strongest stimulator of collagen production.

Such a quality simply could not go unnoticed in modern cosmetology.

On the basis of hyaluronate, pills are produced to maintain beauty from the inside and gels are produced for contour plastics – lip augmentation and bio-reinforcement of the face.

Bio-reinforcement of the face – the essence of the procedure and technique

Biolifting is the most gentle, but at the same time effective option for tightening the skin of the face. Any other type of reinforcement involves the introduction of a foreign body into the body. Even if these are threads that dissolve over time, the fact remains that this material is alien to the body.

In the process of bio-reinforcement, a gel-filler based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that is originally contained in the body, is injected under the skin. But with age, its production falls, and reserves run out. At this point, an artificial injection of hyaluronate may be necessary.

Special anesthesia is not required – the procedure is practically painless, however, for greater comfort, the skin can be lubricated with an anesthetic cream, or the filler itself can be diluted with lidocaine. In terms of time, the procedure does not last long – no more than an hour.

The most important factor that will affect the result is the choice of the correct vector for the invasion of the gel. The reason for this significance lies in the mechanism of action of the filler and the essence of the lifting itself.

No less important is the depth of injection of the drug. If it is insufficient, an uneven facial contour will form.

The initial stage of the action of biolifting is the creation of a microfibrous framework. In fact, the place where the doctor’s needle went through is a stab wound. This is how the body’s defenses perceive a subcutaneous puncture, and begin to “darn” it with the help of connective tissue, which includes such substances necessary to maintain skin elasticity as collagen and elastin.

As a result, a framework of microfibrous strands is created along the needle insertion lines. It significantly tightens the oval of the face, improving its appearance and smoothing out wrinkles. However, within six months the body completely heals the wounds, and the strands begin to dissolve. At this point, the filler comes into play.

The active ingredient is hyaluronic acid

By the time the strands begin to disintegrate, the gel shell undergoes biodegradation and disintegrates, releasing hyaluronic acid.

Bioreinforcement of facial skin with hyaluronic acid

As you know, one of the main causes of sagging face oval is reduced skin moisture, which creams cannot correct, since their action does not extend to deep-seated cells. Once inside the body, hyaluronate, due to its natural properties, attracts water molecules that fill the intercellular space, helping to moisturize the skin.

In addition, hyaluronic acid helps to activate the production of collagen and elastin, which make up the natural skin frame. Thus, the HA “breathes” new life into the microfibrous mesh, strengthening the lifting effect. In addition, this wonderful substance has the ability to bind and remove free radicals – the main cause of aging.

The difference between hyaluronate, which is part of anti-aging creams, and what forms the basis of the filler, is the length of the molecule. In creams, it is short, respectively, it disintegrates faster. Bio-reinforcement gel uses HA with long molecules, which ensures a lasting effect of the procedure, which grows within six months and lasts up to 2 years. In this case, a necessary condition is the implementation of several procedures, usually 3 with a difference of 2 weeks.

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Indications for use, test for the procedure and estimated age

Biolifting is indicated for those women who have:

In order to understand whether there is a need for bio-reinforcement, you need to go to the mirror and tilt your head to the side. If at the same time the oval of the face has shifted or sagged, and folds have appeared on the skin, you should make an appointment with a beautician.

A filler lift is usually performed between the ages of 35 and 50. Until this age, more gentle procedures are recommended, and after 50 years, bio-reinforcement will not give a pronounced result.

Contraindications, rehabilitation and possible consequences

Like other types of reinforcement, biolifting has its own contraindications:

  • exacerbation of any disease;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • taking anticoagulants;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • tendency to form keloid scars;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin of the face;
  • individual intolerance.

Another plus of facial bio-reinforcement with hyaluronic acid is the minimum rehabilitation period. Since the filler is based on a component related to the body, there is no risk of its rejection. Unlike thread lifting, hematomas and slight swelling after this procedure disappear within a few hours, and decorative and caring cosmetics can be used immediately.

To minimize the possible consequences in the form of the formation of papules and contouring of the gel, it is not recommended to visit the bathhouse and sauna for 2 weeks after the procedure, engage in intense physical activity, do peelings and steam baths for the face.

Approximate prices for facial bio-reinforcement procedure

The cost of the procedure depends on the material used. Gels differ in the volume of the syringe and the concentration of hyaluronic acid. Below are the most popular fillers with prices.

It should be clarified that bio-reinforcement is carried out not only on the basis of HA, but also with the use of polylactic acid, the effect of which is more short-lived, and synthetic polymers, which are banned in many countries due to the mass of side effects and addiction. By acting naturally on the skin and triggering natural rejuvenation processes, hyaluronate is an excellent alternative to thread reinforcement and the optimal solution for non-surgical lifting.

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