Lipolitics (injections) for face and body weight loss: Aqualix, Dermastabilon, Celluform Revital

Body contouring cosmetic methods are very popular among today’s clients of beauty salons.

To reduce the volume of adipose tissue, people sometimes make real sacrifices – surgical removal of fat, but there are more humane methods that help adjust body volume and eliminate local fat deposits, these methods include injection lipolysis.

This is a procedure during which special drugs are injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the patient – lipolytics for weight loss.

Principle of operation and correction zones

Lipolysis is a process that results in the splitting of one molecule of triglycerol (the fat cell – adipocyte consists of this substance) into three fatty acid molecules and one glycerol molecule. This splitting occurs with the help of injections of lipolytics – drugs that, when released into fatty tissue, cause the release of fat from adipocytes.

The mechanism of action of injections for weight loss can be described as follows:

  • when injected into the subcutaneous tissue, the lipolytic causes an increase in the osmotic pressure inside the cells and the breakdown of fat into components;
  • this causes a rupture of the cell membrane;
  • through the damaged membrane, the decay products of the adipocyte enter the lymph flow and blood, and from here they are removed by the kidneys and liver;
  • at the injection site of the lipolytic drug (inside the fiber), flat-bone scars are formed, which contributes to the destruction of adipose tissue.

With the help of injections of lipolytics, it is possible to correct the following zones:

  • chin area;
  • elimination of minor fat deposits in the eyelids, cheeks and neck with the help of facial lipolytics;
  • correction of fat in the abdomen (abdominal lipolysis);
  • correction of the contour of the hips and buttocks;
  • a decrease in the volume of adipose tissue in the area of ​​the back of the hands, shoulders and inner thighs.

Description of the main preparations for lipolysis

Aqualyx (Aqualyx). Produced in the form of a gel, which includes sodium deoxycholate (the main substance) and a three-dimensional polymer of galactose (carrier). The galactose polymer binds the molecules of the main substance, but after the administration of the drug in the body, the carrier gradually dissolves and sodium deoxycholate is released. This substance dissolves fat and the cell membrane of the fat cell, that is, it causes the process of adipocytolysis. The gel structure contributes to the uniform distribution of the active substance under the skin, which eliminates the appearance of bumps or bumps. The course consists of 2-3 procedures (the number of sessions depends on the area of ​​correction). Repeat it as directed.

Revital celluform for injection lipolysis

Dermastabilon. The composition of the drug includes bile salts (deoxycholate, which acts as a detergent) and phosphatidylcholine. Detergent destroys the shell of the fat cell, and phosphatidylcholine breaks down fat and converts it into an emulsion. For one course, 7-10 procedures are done, there should be a break of 8-10 days between injections.

MPX-lipolytic complex. This is a drug that includes deoxycholate, carnitine, benzopyrone, lidocaine and dandelion extract. All these substances have a complex effect: deoxycholate destroys the cell membrane, carnitine binds fatty acids and transfers them to the mitochondria for rapid oxidation, benzopyrone reduces swelling and inflammation after injection, and lidocaine anesthetizes. The course depends on the individual reactions of the body and on the severity of body fat, on average it consists of 10 procedures.

Revital Celluform (Revital celluform). A complex preparation that includes phosphatidylcholine (breaks down fat), arnica extract, nicotinic acid (converts fat into energy for the body), amino acid and vitamin complex. The drug has not only a lipolytic effect, but also rejuvenates the skin. Injections are done once a week, the course consists of 5 procedures. To prevent the formation of local fat deposits, the course of lipotherapy is repeated twice a year.

Stages and result of the procedure

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • skin treatment with alcohol lotion;
  • the introduction of the drug into the area of ​​​​the body where it is necessary to activate the processes of lipolysis, during this stage the patient may feel a slight pain or a feeling of fullness, but this procedure does not require anesthesia (lidocaine is already part of some complex agents, it has an analgesic effect);
  • final treatment of the skin with an antiseptic.

After injections, the skin acquires elasticity and smoothness, signs of cellulite disappear or become less noticeable, local accumulations of adipose tissue in problem areas (“ears” on the hips, second chin) disappear. The result is noticeable after 2-4 procedures, its preservation depends on the individual characteristics of the body; for prevention, a course of injection lipolysis is carried out once a year.

What is the difference between injection lipolysis and mesotherapy?

There are the following differences between mesotherapy and injection lipolysis:

  • lipolytics are injected deep into the subcutaneous tissue, and fat-burning mesotherapeutic cocktails – deep into the dermis;
  • the injection depth for lipolysis is 10 mm, and for mesotherapy – 6 mm;
  • lipolytics are aimed only at removing local fat deposits, and mesotherapeutic cocktails, in addition to fat-burning substances, include amino acids, vitamins and minerals, so they have several effects at once: they reduce the volume of adipose tissue and improve the appearance of the skin.

The result of the introduction of lipolytics: photos before and after

Lipolitics injections photo before and after the procedure

Lipolitics injections photo before and after the procedureLipolitics injections photo before and after the procedure

Contraindications and possible complications

Contraindications to the use of lipolytics or injections for weight loss will be as follows:

  • individual intolerance to the main components of the drug;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • disorders of the endocrine system;
  • oncology;
  • epilepsy;
  • varicose veins;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • exacerbation of a chronic disease (ulcer, arthritis, bronchitis);
  • pathological tendency to scar formation.

If all contraindications are observed, complications after injections do not occur, but in some cases the following reactions of the body can be observed:

  • inflammatory process at the injection site – non-compliance with asepsis rules;
  • the appearance of a rash and redness at the injection site is an individual reaction of the body to the active substance (deoxycholate or phosphatidylcholine);
  • the formation of a seal at the injection site;
  • an increase in body temperature is the body’s reaction to the intensive breakdown of adipose tissue;
  • post-injection hemorrhages – can be caused by increased fragility of blood vessels;
  • the development of fibrosis of muscle tissue – the process occurs due to the accidental injection of the drug not into adipose tissue, but into the muscle.

What procedures can be combined with?

LPG massage is an effective method of fighting fat deposits, swelling and cellulite.

Pressotherapy or pneumomassage is an innovative method of losing weight, which stimulates increased blood circulation and increases the metabolic rate in the body. Read more

Thermolifting is a unique skin rejuvenation technology using radio frequency energy.

Estimated prices for lipolytic injections or slimming injections

A drug Correction zone Estimated cost of the procedure (USD) Release form, volume
Dermastabilon stomach 80 ampoule, 5 ml
buttocks, thighs 120
chin, cheeks 60
shoulders, arms 90-100
Aqualix stomach 100 vial, 8 ml
buttocks, thighs 140
chin, cheeks 40-50
shoulders, arms 80
Revital Celluform stomach 140 vial, 10 ml
buttocks, thighs 160
chin, cheeks 40-60
shoulders, arms 80
MPX-lipolytic complex stomach fifty ampoule, 5ml
buttocks, thighs 100
chin, cheeks fifty
shoulders, arms 100

Injection lipolysis is just a method of dealing with local fat deposits, it does not replace diet or exercise, and does not remove fat in large volumes (only surgical liposuction solves serious problems with excess weight).

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