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DESIRIAL® is the first hyaluronic acid-based antioxidant gel specially formulated for Maintaining the health of the female intimate area was developed.

In the spirit of female intimate health, the von Vivacy Laboratories developed viscosupplementation solution DESIRIAL® new treatment options in gynecology and plastic intimate surgery.

Up to 80% of women entering menopause experience vaginal dryness, and about 50% of postmenopausal women continue to experience vaginal dryness.

Vaginal and/or vulvar dryness can affect women throughout their lives, whether iatrogenic (e.g., from isotretinoin, tricyclic antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc.) or menopausal, particularly in the absence of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

During menopause, there is a decrease in estrogen secretion, which affects fibroblasts and leads to progressive hypotrophy of the dermis with flattening of the dermal-epidermal interface:

– The vaginal mucosa becomes dry (the connective tissue is less vascularized, becomes less hydrated and thins), as does the skin as a whole. The less nourished glandular cells become trophic and begin to malfunction.
– The skin loses its elasticity. Collagen and elastin fibers degenerate and decrease, fibroblasts become hypoactive, and type III collagen increases at the expense of type I collagen.

As a result, skin dryness, loss of elasticity and fragility occur. Declining estrogen levels (associated with menopause) lead to hypotrophic labia majora, also characterized by vulvar dryness.

The injection of DESIRIAL® cross-linked hyaluronic acid into the dermis of the lip can help rehydrate, biostimulate and restore fibroblast activity and maintain the proper functioning of female genital tissues.

for women of premenopausal or reproductive age with a predisposition or clear signs of moderate to severe hypotrophy of the vulva and labia majora.
Remodeling of the labia majora, vulva.

composition Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid + Antioxidant + Sodium Hyaluronate, Mannitol
concentration 19 mg/g
volumes 2 x 1ml
needles 27 G 1/2
indications Medium to deep wrinkles
storage 2°C to 25°C
shelf life 12 months


– 2 prefilled syringes of 1ml needles 27G1/2

– Consists of one cross-linked hyaluronic acid, concentrated at 19mg/g

– IPN-like technology that extends its duration of action

– Hyaluronic acid stimulates the natural hydration of the skin over time

DESIRIAL® is designed to restore moisture, elasticity, tone1 and sensitivity to the vulva-vaginal area2. This hyaluronic acid gel is injected directly into the tissues that need it. It helps reduce drying of the vaginal mucosa and strengthens the quality of the tissue.

Target area, indications

For women of premenopausal or reproductive age with a predisposition or overt signs of moderate to severe hypotrophy of the vulva and labia majora.
Remodeling of the labia majora and vulva.

Strengthening the protective function of the labia majora by increasing their volume.

Improving the aesthetic aspect of the vulva-vaginal area

treatment protocol

Danger! This operation must be carried out by a qualified professional


  • IPN-like cross-linked NaHa 19 mg/g and mannitol 2×1 ml
  • sodium hyaluronate, mannitol
  • 2-1ml prefilled syringes.
  • Package insert, 2-27G 1/2″ needles, 2-30G 1/2″ needles


  • DESIRIAL® is designed to restore hydration, elasticity, tone and sensitivity to the vulvovaginal area.
  • DESIRIAL® is indicated in all cases of vulvovaginal dryness.
  • This change in tissue can present with a feeling of discomfort or burning, increased sensitivity, or chronic irritation and itching that can lead to sores.
  • The hyaluronic acid is deposited directly in the tissues that need it.
  • Thus, it helps to limit dryness of the mucous membranes and strengthen the quality of the tissues.


Rehydration and biostimulation of the skin and mucous membranes to increase collagen synthesis by stimulating fibroblasts.
The aim is to soften and moisturize the tissue over the long term.


  • Women before or during menopause.
  • Women of childbearing potential suffering from vulvar desiccation with or without irritation.


  • Dryness in the intimate area
  • Vaginal Discomfort
  • Chronic irritation.


    • Hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area
    • Soothing feeling of irritated areas
    • Improving the tissue quality of the genital mucosa.


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