What fillers can be used for lip augmentation?

The modern market of cosmetic products offers cosmetologists a wide range of fillers, it is quite difficult to choose the best filler for lip augmentation. Lip augmentation fillers differ from each other in composition, density, manufacturer, biodegradation (resorption) rate and cost, so the doctor selects the drug for the procedure based on his experience with gels for injection into the skin, feedback from colleagues and the client’s wishes.

What fillers for lip augmentation do I use today?

The composition of modern fillers usually includes hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin – the main glycosaminoglycan of the dermis, polylactic acid and bovine collagen (due to the high risk of developing allergic reactions, gels based on it are rarely used). Among the most popular drugs for lip augmentation are the following:

  • Juvederm Voluma – a gel containing hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 24 mg / ml and lidocaine (a local anesthetic that makes injections of Juvederm Voluma into the lips painless for the patient);
  • Belotero intense is a gel based on sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid salt) at a concentration of 25.5 mg/ml;
  • Which filler is best for lip augmentationSurgiderm 30 XP and Surgiderm 24 XP – preparations based on hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 24/ml (gels differ from each other in density and biodegradation rate, to obtain a pronounced effect, a denser sujiderm 30 xp filler is usually injected into the lips);
  • Ellanse (S, M, L, E) – a line of long-acting fillers, which include polycaprolactone (medical suture material);
  • Glytone 4 – hyaluronic filler with an active substance concentration of 24 mg / ml (the drug is prepared on the basis of a complex of mannitol-stabilized synthetic and native hyaluronic acid);
  • Princess (Princess) – a lip filler prepared on the basis of hyaluronic acid, which is obtained using SMART technology;
  • Yvoire Volume – a dense hyaluronic filler with an active substance concentration of 22 mg / ml;
  • Sculptra is a biopolymer preparation for contouring, prepared on the basis of polylactic acid;
  • Teosyal Kiss – hyaluronic dermal filler with a concentration of 25 mg / ml;
  • Restylane Lipp – a line that consists of two Restylane hyaluronic fillers for lip augmentation – Lip Volume and Lip Refresh;
  • bovine collagen-based fillers (Zyplast, Artefill, Resoplast) – drugs often cause side effects and quickly biodegrade, so they are used as an alternative to hyaluronic fillers to increase the lips in patients with an allergy to hyaluronic acid.

“For lip augmentation I usually use Princess, Surgiderm and Teosyal. The effect of their introduction is noticeable immediately, the swelling is small and disappears within two days, but the Teosyal filler sometimes migrates, so only experienced doctors can work with it. I studied on the gels of the Juvederm Voluma line, but they dissolve relatively quickly.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a drug?

lip augmentation with fillers

Experts cannot say for sure which filler is better for lip augmentation, because each of the drugs has certain advantages and disadvantages. Basically, to increase the contour and volume of the lips, gels prepared on the basis of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin are used, which practically do not cause side effects and have the most optimal rate of biodegradation (resorption) – 6-12 months. The rate of resorption of fillers from different manufacturers depends on the method of obtaining and stabilizing hyaluronic acid molecules, and its concentration in the preparation.

“I work mainly with Restylane, a lip line. Some clients experience swelling, but it is not severe and goes away very quickly. I am satisfied with the price-quality ratio and the customers are satisfied.”

Long-acting gels include Ellanse line fillers based on polycaprolactone (biodegradable within 1-3 years) and Sculpture, the effect of which lasts for 20-25 months. Synthetic gel implants often cause the development of complications – allergic reactions, the appearance of nodules at the injection site, but usually they have a denser gel structure, which allows you to significantly increase the volume of the lips, while some hyaluronic fillers (Surgiderm 24 XP, Yvoire Volume) give the lips only a slight natural “swelling”.

“Two years ago I made my lips with Juvederm Ultra filler, but I didn’t like it, because after the swelling subsided, the effect was almost imperceptible. A year and a half later, she repeated the procedure, but with Teosyal Kiss, the effect is still holding (8 months have already passed).”

What do you need to know for those who decide to increase their lips with a filler?

The doctor selects a drug for lip augmentation, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client’s body – age, the presence or absence of an allergy to the active components of the gel, the structure of the face. The effect after the injection of the filler is evaluated immediately, but usually the contouring procedure consists of two stages, at the first of which the doctor injects the main volume of the gel into the lips, and at the second (1-2 weeks after the injection, after the swelling subsides), if necessary makes additional adjustments.

Before injecting the filler, it is necessary to conduct a test to determine the sensitivity to the drug. For this purpose, a small amount of gel is injected into the forearm area (“skin test”) and its “behavior” is observed. In the event that itching, severe burning or severe swelling does not occur at the injection site, the test is considered negative and the specialist sets the date for the procedure (some manufacturers produce drug test probes specifically for “skin tests”).

“I increased my lips with Princess, the effect lasted for 10 months. There were no side effects and the price is quite affordable.”

How much do drugs cost?

The cost of the procedure aimed at increasing the volume and correcting the shape of the lips with fillers, the doctor calculates independently, because it depends on the composition and volume of the drug. The estimated price of the most popular lip fillers is shown in the table.

Name of the drug Syringe volume (ml) Estimated drug cost (USD)
Juvederm Ultra one 250-300
Belotero intense one 320
Surgiderm 30xp 0.8 270-300
24 xp 0.8 180
Ellanse 1.2 300-500
Glytone 4 one 190
Princess one 150-180
Yvoire Volume one 215
Teosyal Kiss one 200-220
Sculptra 5 250
Restylane Lipp (Lip Volume and Lip Refresh) 240-270

Within 2-4 days after the procedure for lip augmentation with fillers, it is recommended to minimize the facial activity of the face (active facial expressions can cause the drug to shift), stop using decorative cosmetics, visiting the solarium, sauna and gym, smoking and drinking alcohol.

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