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To date, the mesotherapy technique has been known for more than 60 years, it is successfully used in the treatment of gynecological and ENT diseases, solving problems of the musculoskeletal system, but it has found its greatest application in cosmetology.

Biorevitalization as a kind of mesotherapy appeared in 2001. Both of these methods are considered universal non-surgical ways to combat age-related changes, they allow you to restore skin elasticity, improve its color, cope with wrinkles and rosacea. Biorevitalization or mesotherapy, which is better? Let’s try to answer this question.

What is mesotherapy?

The principles of mesotherapy as a medical procedure were formulated in the middle of the 20th century by the French doctor Michel Pistor, and in 1987 she was awarded official recognition by the French Academy of Medicine.

Mesotherapy is a technique of subcutaneous injection with a syringe or a special pistol of microdoses of cocktails of vitamins, medicinal extracts, antioxidants, microelements and homeopathic remedies.

For each case, the doctor makes the right cocktail, which is injected into biologically active points located next to the problem area. The procedure is considered minimally invasive due to the use of a special very thin, short and smooth needle.

Face after mesotherapy

The penetration depth of the drug is from one and a half to six millimeters. The volume of one injection does not exceed 0.2 ml. In addition, acupuncture itself stimulates increased blood circulation, which improves metabolic processes and accelerates cell renewal.

The duration of the course of treatment depends on the specific problem. In order to relieve pain in the muscles, two injections every other day are enough, and to combat cellulite, at least 20 procedures with an interval of a week are needed. Today, mesotherapy is successfully used by traumatologists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and, of course, cosmetologists. With its help, the problems of treating acne, focal neurodermatitis, cellulite are solved.

The use of mesotherapy as a technique for facial rejuvenation demonstrates high efficiency. In this case, cocktails contain:

  • hyaluronic acid, which binds and retains water in the skin cells, and also improves its tone and elasticity;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids;
  • trace elements;
  • preparations containing collagen;
  • antioxidants that slow down the aging process.

Introduced under the skin, vitamins and hyaluronic acid stimulate the production of collagen and the work of connective tissue cells – fibroblasts.

To eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, you will need to conduct a course of four injections with an interval of a week, to achieve a lifting effect, you will need at least eight procedures with the same interval. For better penetration of the active substances of the cocktail into the inner layers of the skin, it is recommended to carry out a superficial peeling procedure before the course of injections.

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The benefits of mesotherapy include:

  • no hard age restrictions. Acne treatment can be started from the age of 18, and from 25-27 years old it can be used as a prevention of age-related changes;
  • individual selection of components for a mesotherapeutic cocktail;
  • the method does not cause an addictive effect;
  • Usually a course of mesotherapy for the face consists of 6-8 procedures once a week. Maintenance therapy is carried out every year and a half.

What is biorevitalization?

Face after biorevitalization

This is a method of subcutaneous injection of natural, chemically unchanged hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin and is part of the intercellular substance. It is involved in the process of nutrition and cell division, ensures the preservation of water balance in them and promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

For the first time, this term appeared in 2001, when scientists from the IAL System company proposed the introduction of a home-made preparation based on hyaluronic acid – Restylane – and called the method biorevitalization – the biological revitalization of the skin.

One molecule of this acid attracts a thousand water molecules and provides deep hydration to the middle layers of the epidermis. As a result, the skin color, its elasticity and moisture are improved, the lifting effect is manifested – small wrinkles are completely smoothed out. Most often, birevitalization is carried out on open areas of the body that are prone to premature aging as a result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation – this is the face, earlobes, neck, arms, décolleté, hands.

Problems that biorevitalization will help to cope with:

Biorevitalization is one of the few cosmetic procedures that can be performed even in summer. In order to prevent aging, its implementation can be started from 27–30 years. In this case, 2-3 procedures with an interval of 15 days will be required. As maintenance therapy, one visit to a cosmetologist every six months is sufficient. For skin biorevitalization with obvious signs of aging, 4-5 procedures are required with an interval of 10 days. Maintenance therapy should be carried out every 3-4 months.

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After biorevitalization, the results are divided into:

  • initial. During the first week, superficial wrinkles are smoothed out due to intensive tissue hydration. This effect wears off after 7–14 days;
  • final. Thanks to acupuncture, general blood circulation and tissue oxygenation are enhanced. After the end of the course of biorevitalization, the tone, fullness and color of the skin improve, the depth of the creases decreases. The effect lasts for about 3 months.

The difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization

Biorevitalization is one of the types of mesotherapy technology, when hyaluronic gel is injected into the dermis. Since it takes time for resorption, injections are made into deeper layers. On the surface of the skin after biorevitalization, small tubercles-papules remain visible, which disappear within 6 to 24 hours.

To make a cocktail for facial mesotherapy, a solution of hyaluronic acid is used. It promotes better penetration into the cells of other active substances. The depth of insertion is less, tubercles are not formed.

As with any medical procedure, there are a number of contraindications and possible complications for mesotherapy and biorevitalization of the face:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes;
  • vascular complications and infections;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • after the procedure, small hemorrhages may occur at the puncture sites, they usually disappear on their own and do not require treatment.

What procedures can be combined with?

The line of preparations Juvederm (Juvederm) is used for deep biorevitalization of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

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What should be stopped?

Before deciding which of the procedures described above is worth stopping, pay attention to the data in the table:

  Mesotherapy Biorevitalization
Age From 18 years old As a preventive measure from the age of 27
Prevention of photoaging Applies More pronounced effect
Treatment of skin problems: rosacea, dryness, hyperpigmentation An individually selected cocktail will help to cope with a specific problem and achieve a pronounced positive effect. General improvement of the skin condition and reduction of sensitivity to external factors contributes to the elimination of problems
Recovery after cosmetic surgery Used as directed by a doctor Widely used
Reduction of deep wrinkles and creases Not applicable Applies
Improving skin elasticity and color Applies Applies
Hyaluronic acid concentration 0.5–1% 1–3%
Effect onset speed The final effect is delayed, occurs in the second half of the course Immediately after the procedure
Injury, the likelihood of adverse effects The likelihood of infection at the puncture site, an allergic reaction to the components of the cocktail Possible infection, development of fibrosis, hyperpigmentation, skin atrophy at the injection site of the gel

Only a competent dermatocosmetologist, after analyzing the condition of your skin and health in general, will be able to offer the most effective solution to age-related or other problems using mesotherapy or biorevitalization techniques.


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