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Biopuncture (or pharmacopuncture, what it will become clear a little later) arose at the junction of several medical areas: acupuncture (acupuncture) and the injection method of administering drugs under the skin (mesotherapy).

Doctors characterize this method as a complex method of therapeutic effects on the human body, by subcutaneous injection of small doses of medicinal substances into acupuncture points. Sometimes this procedure is called metameric pharmacopuncture (metamers are biologically active points, the innervation of which is provided by a separate segment of the spinal cord), cosmetologists rarely use this name.

Indications for carrying out and advantages of the method

In cosmetology, pharmacopuncture is used as an effective method for treating skin diseases and as a means for rejuvenating the face and body. Stimulation of acupuncture points in combination with subcutaneous administration of drugs improves skin turgor, smoothes wrinkles and improves skin color, increases muscle tone, normalizes the sebaceous glands, activates blood circulation and lymph outflow.

Indications for the procedure:

Advantages of the method: painlessness, quick effect (the result is noticeable after the first procedure), no side effects and complications.

Procedure technique

During preparation for the procedure, the patient undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic examination and visits a pharmacopuncture specialist in order to choose a drug or cocktail for injection (the doctor chooses the drug himself). A few days before the procedure, doctors recommend that you stop taking any medications, smoking and drinking alcohol.

For biopuncture, drugs are used:

  • Maslbig – a homeopathic preparation – contains components that improve the development of muscle and connective tissue, increases muscle tone;
  • Lipodystrophin – lipolytic, which affects all the key links in the development of cellulite, improves the relief of the skin;
  • Metabolites – a lipolytic homeopathic remedy – inhibits phosphodiesterase, activates the destruction of fat cells and removes fat from the body;
  • Laennec, an agent for injection through acupuncture points, which contains a hydrolyzate of the human placenta, improves the functioning of fibroblasts, which leads to increased synthesis of dermal fibers and helps smooth wrinkles.

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When using homeopathic medicines, the procedure is called homeosiniatry. Injections are made with one drug or mixed in one syringe, doses are selected individually. Sometimes a doctor adds vitamins, organic acids, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and extracts of medicinal plants to a cocktail for injection.

The preparations are injected with a special mesotherapeutic needle with a diameter of 0.3 mm, which remains in the injection zone after the injection (15-20 minutes). In one session, the doctor uses from 4 to 10 acupuncture points. Due to the small diameter of the needle, the patient does not feel pain, so anesthesia is not required before the procedure. The session lasts 40 minutes.Injection administration of drugs by the method of pharmacopuncture

Course and results

The course of biopuncture consists of 10-15 procedures, which are performed at intervals of one to two times a week. The number of sessions depends on the problem to be solved.

The course of procedures helps to improve complexion and tone of muscle tissue, smooth out wrinkles, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and eliminate signs of cellulite (degeneration of adipose tissue).

The effect is noticeable after the first procedure. And the result after its implementation is stored for 6-8 months.

Contraindications and possible complications


  • oncology;
  • violations of the heart;
  • autoimmune process in the body;
  • pregnancy;
  • venereal diseases;
  • renal and liver failure;
  • disorders of the nervous system (epilepsy, neurosis, psychosis).

As temporary complications (pass on their own within a few days), doctors note soft tissue edema and small hematomas at the injection sites.

What procedures are often combined with?

Laser biorevitalization (a method of introducing hyaluronic acid under the skin by laser iontophoresis) in combination with biopuncture gives a more pronounced rejuvenating result.

LPG-massage (vacuum-roller face and body massage) together with acupuncture administration of lipolytic preparations helps to eliminate local fat deposits in a short time.

Diamond resurfacing of the skin (with enlarged pores). Pharmacopuncture is carried out a week after resurfacing in order to activate the work of the structural components of the dermis and reduce the rehabilitation period after the procedure.

Approximate prices for pharmacopuncture

The cost of the procedure depends on the area of ​​​​administration of the drug and its composition. The average price of one session is 50-70 dollars.

Pharmacopuncture is an effective method of rejuvenation and improvement of the appearance of the skin, the safety of which has been confirmed by millions of positive customer reviews and a large number of successful procedures.

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